Medidyne to distribute QuikClot in Norway and Denmark

QuikClot’s innovative, hemostatic dressing provides quick and effective control of all types of bleeding. It is the hemostatic dressing of choice for the US Department of Defense. Now Medidyne is the distributor of the lifesaving product in Norway and Denmark.

The unique QuikClot products are made of a non-woven material that is impregnated with Kaolin. Kaolin accelerates blood clotting, resulting in faster hemostasis and consequently faster control of bleeding. The efficacy of QuikClot is clinically proven, and the dressing has been used by the US military since 2008.

Knut Clem, CEO of Medidyne says about the product:

“QuikClot is an exciting new product to add to our portfolio: It is an innovative solution that is clinically backed and trusted by the US Department of Defense. These three factors speak to innovation, quality, and credibility, which aligns with our values as a distributor. Innovation, quality, and credibility is exactly what we wish to deliver to our customers, and QuikClot fully lives up to that promise.”

QuikClot creates hemostatic products for every type of bleeding, from abrasions to traumatic injuries. Therefore, it is a valuable solution e.g., in the military and the EMS, where every second counts.

QuikClot for military use

QuikClot was first used in the military and the Combat Gauze has been used in the battlefield by the US Department of Defense since 2008. Some features of the Combat Gauze are that it is compact, easy to open and easy to use. It comes in different versions for different types of bleeding in the battlefield.

QuikClot for the EMS

Like in the military, emergency medical services need to be able to act swiftly and get bleedings under control at the point of injury to move patients through the continuum of care. Among other things, the QuikClot EMS Dressing is intuitive to use, can stay in place up to 24 hours and is x-ray detectable.

Learn more about QuikClot and the product range distributed by Medidyne here.

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