Monivent Neo100: A new standard for the ventilation of newborns

The Monivent Neo100 is a wireless, respiratory monitor that supports healthcare professionals in providing gentle and accurate ventilation of newborns. The unique product is now part of Medidyne’s product portfolio in Norway, Finland, and Denmark.

Accurate ventilation is essential to the treatment of newborns in need of respiratory support. Both over- and underventilation can significantly damage lungs and brain. However, the quality of the ventilation provided often depends on the experience of the professional performing the ventilation.

With Monivent Neo100 professionals no longer have to rely on experience to perform gentle and accurate manual ventilation: The respiratory function monitor continuously monitors the ventilation performed and provides feedback in real time, so personnel can adjust accordingly. This ultimately increases the quality of the ventilation.

The features you need to perform the best ventilation

The Monivent Neo100 has a variety of features that support the staff in the delivery room and in the neonatal intensive care unit. Product Specialist Mette Jungersen says:

“This respiratory monitor is truly innovative and unique – especially because it is wireless. With no cables on the table both the patient and the staff can move freely. Moreover, it is a simple and user-friendly system, and it provides a live overview of the essential parameters to watch when performing manual ventilation on newborns.”

Monivent Neo100 has features such as color-coded guidance, showing whether VTe is within volume target range; it has guidance on the sensor modules, which allows personnel to fully focus on the newborn; it has wireless data transfer; it is ready to use in seconds, and more.

You can learn more about the product and its benefits here.

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Mette Jungersen

Product Specialist


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