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Mens vi nøje følger COVID-19-pandemiens udvikling, vil vi gerne informere dig om følgerne for vores forsyningskæde og de handlinger vi tager for at sikre fortsat service og levering af varer.


Den globale krise har dramatisk øget efterspørgslen efter især respiratoriske produkter og vi gør alt for at opretholde en sikker forsyningskæde. Derfor har vi truffet en række forholdsregler som reaktion på situationen.


Dette inkluderer men er ikke begrænset til følgende:

  • Opmuntret vores leverandører til at øge produktionsvolumen
  • Øget lokal lagerbeholdning så meget som muligt
  • Opfordret kunder til ikke at hamstre
  • Introduceret delleveringer af større ordrer
  • Begrænset lager- og kontorbesøg og indførsel af begrænsninger på personlige møder
  • Truffet foranstaltninger for at beskytte vores arbejdsstyrke for at sikre at vi kan forblive fuldt operationelle


Vi fortsætter med at få varer hjem fra alle vores leverandører, men opfordrer vores kunder til ikke at bestille flere produkter end nødvendigt. Panikkøb og hamstring kan have alvorlige konsekvenser for vores evne til at imødekomme alle kundebehov, og vi fraråder dette kraftigt.


På grund af de mange usikkerheder i situationen er det umuligt for os at give nogen forudsigelser eller garantier vedrørende fremtidige leveringstider, produktforsyning osv.


Hvis du har spørgsmål eller har brug for support, er vi fortsat tilgængelige. Vores team er blevet instrueret om nøje at overvåge og følge lokale retningslinjer ved eventuelle kundebesøg.


I betragtning af situationens dynamiske karakter fortsætter vi med at overvåge vores forsyningskæde og vil holde vores kunder og deres patienters behov forrest i vores beslutningstagning.


Venlig hilsen,





As we continue to monitor the Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic closely, we would like to inform you about the implications on our supply chain and the actions we are taking to ensure continued service and supply.


The global crisis has dramatically increased demand for, in particular, respiratory care products and we do everything we can to maintain a secure supply chain. Consequently, we have taken a number of precautionary measures in response to this developing situation including but not limited to the following:


  • Encouraged our suppliers to accelerate manufacturing volumes
  • Increased local inventory as much as possible
  • Discouraged customers from hoarding
  • Introduced partial deliveries for large (stocking) orders
  • Restricted warehouse and office site visits and imposing limitations on in-person meetings
  • Taken measures to protect our work force to ensure that we can remain fully operational


We continue to get products from all our suppliers but urge customers not to order more products than necessary. Panic buying and hoarding can have severe consequences for our ability to fulfill all customer needs and we strongly discourage this.


Due to the many uncertainties of the situation, it is impossible for us to give any predictions or guarantees regarding future delivery times, product supply etc.


If you have any questions or need for support, we continue to be available. Our team has been instructed to closely monitor and follow local guidelines at customer visits should that be required.


Given the dynamic nature of the situation, we are continuing to monitor our supply chain and will keep the needs of our customers and their patients at the forefront of our decision making.



Best regards,


Safe use of Hamilton

See the latest update about safe use of Hamilton Medical ventilators – click here


In light of the spreading novel coronavirus, Hamilton Medical have prepared information about the safe use of Hamilton Medical ventilators on patients with highly infectious diseases.


As the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) continues to spread and has now been declared an international emergency by the WHO, questions are being raised about the safe use of ventilators on patients who may be highly infectious. The new Knowledge Base article gives you an overview of possible measures that can be taken to ensure protection against internal contamination of the ventilator, as well as protection of patients and clinical staff. 


See the full article here

EZ-IO Intraosseous Workshop

EZ-IO Workshop

Medidyne and Teleflex invite you to attend our Arrow® EZ-IO® Intraosseous Procedural Workshop at Copenhagen University Panum the 10th or 11th of December 2019. 


An interactive and engaging workshop designed to empower practitioners with the knowledge, skills and confidence to use the Arrow® EZ-IO® Intraosseous Vascular Access System. Each workshop is approximately 3 hours long with an opportunity to get hands on practice.


There will be a morning and afternoon session each day. You can choose between the morning and afternoon session in the registration form.


Click here to register


Tuesday 10th December at 09:00 – 12:00 

Tuesday 10th December at 13:00 – 16:00

Wednesday 11th December at 09:00 – 12:00

Wednesday 11th December at 13:00 – 16:00


University of Copenhagen, Panum

Blegdamsvej 3B, 2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark


If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us:

Tim Collins, Teleflex



Download the invitation for the EZ IO Intraosseous Procedural Workshop 2019

SSAI 2019

SSAI 2019

See you in Copenhagen next week?

Medidyne will be part of the 35th congress for the Scandinavian Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine next week at the Tivoli Congress Center. It will take place in Copenhagen 28 to 30 August 2019 and the theme is “Patient-centered care”.


If you will be there, step by booth 24 where we will show the newest ventilation technology by Hamilton Medical. Let’s discuss new trends in airway management and try out Axess Visions high quality single-use bronchoscopes.


The Medidyne team is looking forward to see you in Copenhagen next week!


Read more about SSAI 2019

medin-NC3 Ventilator

New medin-NC3 ventilator

We are happy to announce the launch of the first turbine-driven CPAP device for non-invasive ventilation therapy for premature infants and newborns in our portfolio.


The new medin-NC3 ventilator does not depend on an air supply and has a powerful leakage compensation.


If you would like to have more information, feel free to contact us or click on the link below.


▶︎ Read more about medin-NC3


AVANOS solutions

We are very happy to announce that Medidyne Nordic will be representing the respiratory care product portfolio of Halyard/Avanos with immediate effect in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.


Apart from the high-quality MICROCUFF* tubes and closed suction systems for adults and children, we will also have a range of oral care kits available.


If you are looking for easy to use oral care kits, which support your daily patient care routines go to our website or feel free contact us directly.


Check our AVANOS products

DMTS 2018

DMTS 2018

Ses vi på DMTS i Vingsted?

Dansk Medicoteknisk Selskab Landsmøde 9. – 11. oktober 2018.

Besøg Medidyne på vores stand. I år træffer du Simon, Michael, Michael og Gitte, som har medbragt lidt forskelligt udstyr, f. eks.:


  • HAMILTON-C6 – vores nyeste intensiv respirator
  • Arcomed – sprøjte- og infusionspumper
  • ZOLL X Serie – monitor/defibrillator
  • Iradimed 3880 – monitorsystem til MR


Vi glæder os til at se dig, samt til at få en faglig snak.


På gensyn på DMTS 2018!


Læs mere om HAMILTON-C6 respirator

Læs mere om Arcomed pumper

Læs mere om X Serie monitor

Læs mere om monitorsystem til MR


Symposium 2018


In the future the number of ventilated patients in ICUs is increasing and the clinical impact will be significant: a growing number of patients, while ICUs will be facing a lack of specialized staff. Despite the increasing workload, physicians still need to apply individualized mechanical ventilation. Is this possible?


Join Medidyne and Hamilton Medical for an inspiring day with focus on an individualized approach to mechanical ventilation. The symposium will take place in the beautiful scenery at: Den Blå Planet, The National Aquarium Denmark. Only 1.5 km from Copenhagen Airport. Bring your colleagues and sign up today! Registration is mandatory.


Read more and sign up here: Symposium


ZOLL Lunch Symposium ERC 2018

Your Brain on CPR

ZOLL Lunch Symposium at this year ERC Congress.

How much do we really understand about the mechanism of blood flow during CPR? Can we optimize perfusion using tools to ensure that oxygenated blood is getting to the brain to maximize outcomes? 


Please join our free luncheon and learn about techniques and tools to help you achieve high perfusion resuscitation and improve your CPR outcomes. 

Featured speaker

Dr. Joe Holley, MD, FACEP; Medical Director of Memphis Fire Department, using hemodynamic flow tracings will show how perfusion to the brain can be optimized. 

You will learn

  • The physiological differences between non-aided versus aided manual CPR 
  • The tools and technology to deliver high-quality manual CPR 
  • The impact of AutoPulse® mechanical CPR on brain perfusion 
  • The increased brain perfusion when Intrathoracic Pressure Regulation (IPR) is added to high-quality CPR 

Details & Information

DATE: Friday, 21 September 

TIME: 13.00—14.00 

VENUE: Sala Italia 

Lunch is provided 

Invitation: Your Brain On CPR – ZOLL Lunch Symposium


Registration is required; Seats are limited! 




Danske beredskabers årsmøde

Danske Beredskabers Årsmøde 2018

Medidyne deltager på Danske Beredskabers Årsmøde i Odense Kongrescenter den 29. – 30. august.


Vores veloplagte team Katrine, Chris og Bjørn står klar til at vise dig vores nye spændende førstehjælpsudstyr bl.a.:


  • Laerdal træningsudstyr, som vi er blevet nordiske forhandlere på 
  • Den nyeste hjertestarter ZOLL AED 3 
  • Vores egen førstehjælpsbog

Kig forbi vores stand A-1833/36, hvor du også kan deltage i vores HLR konkurrence.


Læs mere om ZOLL AED hjertestartere

Læs mere om Laerdal træningsdukker

Medidyne Danmark forstærker teamet

Medidyne Danmark forstærker teamet

Michael Kammer Jensen er ansat som Sales Manager i Medidyne A/S. Michael er uddannet sygeplejerske med erfaring fra bl.a. den kardiologiske side. Han har været projektleder for Dansk Institut for Medicinsk Simulation, og i de sidste otte år har han været ansat hos Laerdal i en rolle som Sales Manager og senest Nordic Program Manager. Michael har været frivillig førstehjælpssamarit/-tekniker i mange år og er certificeret ERC instruktør (BLS / AED, ALS etc.).


Michael vil få ansvar for salg af ZOLL genoplivningsudstyr til det professionelle marked. Vi er meget stolte over, at en kapacitet som Michael har valgt at fortsætte sin karriere i Medidyne.

How safe and efficient is your MRI workflow?

MRI workflow

Ensure a safe and efficient workflow in the MRI

Critical care patients of all ages place high demands on radiologists and care givers during a transport to and during the MRI itself. This means constantly new challenges for the staff at the hospital and medical technology. Choosing the right equipment is often not without risk and the transport more time consuming. Due to restrictions that will not allow all devices to go in to the MRI suite, equipment often needs to be switched.


Medidyne is proud to present a portfolio that can support a safe and more convenient workflow, when talking about critical care patients in the MRI environment. From high performance ventilation with HAMILTON-MR1 to transport incubator by LMT Medical Systems for the smallest of all patients, which allows access to the best possible diagnostic options. The days of transferring a patient with traditional transport equipment to the prep room outside the MRI suite is now a thing of the past. By using IRadimeds non-magnetic infusion pumps and monitor you increase MRI efficiency while decreasing the amount of time critically ill patients are away from their care unit.


Be part of the solution and choose the right equipment – be safe and efficient!


Read more about our MRI solutions here

See our MRI brochure

Danske Fysioterapeuters fagkongre

Fagkongres 2018

Danske Fysioterapeuter Fagkongres den 12-14 april 2018

Mød Jette fra Medidyne på dette års Fagkongres i Odense Congress Center. Hun vil vise Highflow CPAP systemer og NIV masker fra Pulmodyne.  


CPAP- systemet giver et vedvarende flow gennem hele inspirations- og ekspirationsfasen. Tilbehør og funktioner giver mulighed for at udnytte forskellige kombinationer af FiO2 og PEEP til at opfylde patienternes behov. 


NIV maskerne er til brug i det akutte miljø og spænder over Nasal, Full Face, MaxShield og Shield.


Jette glæder sig til at vise sine produkter frem. 


Læs mere om CPAP system

Læs mere om NIV masker


FSAIO 2018

Middelfart – 21-22 marts

Mød Medidyne på FSAIO, hvor Jette og Michael vil vise vores spændende produkter. Blandt andet de nye Arcomed infusionspumper samt NIV masker, CPAP systemer, AccuVein venescanner, Timesco, MAD Nasal og EZ-IO.


Læs om Arcomed infusionspumper

Læs om Pulmodyne NIV masker og CPAP systemer

Læs om AccuVein venescanner

Læs om Timesco produkter

Læs om MAD Nasal Intranasal medicinadministration

Læs om EZ-IO system

Meet Medidyne at Nordic First Aid 2018

Nordic First Aid 2018

Medidyne and ZOLL will have a booth at Nordic First Aid congress in Copenhagen 10-11 march.


Meet Bjørn, Stefan and Frederik from Medidyne. We are ready to show you the latest in first aid educational and training equipment. We want to show you the potential in our newest defibrillator ZOLL AED 3 – and Laerdal CPR manikins and feedback devices for resuscitation training.


You can be inspired on how to make your education more exciting and involving and how to give the participants an even better experience – and make them more capable of handling first aid situations.


We are looking forward to see you at our booth 1 at Nordic First Aid 2018.


Read more about ZOLL AED 3 defibrillator

Read more about Leardal CPR manikins

I.E.M. blood pressure monitors

I.E.M. – new supplier

Medidyne has signed an agreement with I.E.M., which provide customers with solutions from screening and diagnostics through to follow-up management.


I.E.M. products and high-quality service help with day-to-day patient care decisions, thereby making routines simpler.


Mobil-O-Graph blood pressure monitors has become one of the most popular long-term blood pressure monitors for hospitals and medical practices. Its particularly gentle measurement method results in very high patient acceptance levels and greater patient compliance. Mobil-O-Graph pressure monitors offers also the possibility for Pulse Wave Analysis (PWA) both ambulatory and in the office.


Find out more about our blood pressure monitors from I.E.M.

Arcomed - New Supplier

Arcomed – new supplier

Medidyne has signed an agreement with Arcomed Medical Systems AG, for exclusive distribution of their infusion pumps in the Nordics.


Arcomed’s pumps have become famous worldwide for their simple construction and user-friendlines core features offering permanent enhancement and sophisticated simplicity!


The Chroma Series can be programmed with various custom-tailored configurations and be used as ICU pumps, on the NICU, as anesthesia TCI or TIVA pumps, PCA pumps, or simply all-in-one pumps.


Find out more about our solutions for infusion therapy from Arcomed

Intensiv Symposium på Hindsgavl Slot

Intensiv Symposium

Hindsgavl Slot den 26-27. januar 2018

Velkommen på Medidynes stand ved årets Intensiv Symposium på Hindsgavl Slot.


Vores veloplagte team – Tina, Michael og Gitte – står klar til at vise dig vores:

  • nye high-end respirator – HAMILTON-C6
  • komplette løsning til MR
  • transportrespirator HAMILTON-T1


Der bliver god tid til at snakke, se og ikke mindst prøve vores udstyr.


Vi glæder os til at se dig! På gensyn på Hindsgavl.


Læs om HAMILTON-C6 respirator

Læs om MR løsninger

Læs om HAMILTON-T1 transportrespirator

Laerdal Medical new business partner

Laerdal – new supplier

Medidyne has signed an agreement with Laerdal Medical, for distribution of their resuscitation training products. This include CPR manikins, among others the well know Anne CPR manikin, and CPR Feedback devices.


For more than 50 years, Laerdal Medical has been dedicated to supporting the advancement of Resuscitation Science. Their lifelike and durable products have prepared generations of medical professionals and lay responders around the world to save lives and improve patient outcomes.


Read more about the resuscitation training products from Laerdal


Today we are celebrating our 15 years anniversary.

Medidyne 15 years anniversary

It started in 2002 with Knut Clem and Frederik Clem – and a mission to save lives among those suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. Since then we have grown from a “two-man band” to a Nordic “orchestra” with more than 50 engaged and professional band members.


We would like to thank all our business partners for 15 great years of cooperation and look forward to an exciting future with all of you.


Greetings from Team Medidyne

DASAIM årsmøde 2017

Mød os på DASAIM

Medidyne deltager på DASAIM den 9-10. november 2017. 

Kom og få en faglig snak og se det sidste nye.

Vi står klar med både nye og kendte produkter inden for dit speciale:


Patienttransport: Respirator, monitor/defibrillator
MR med anæstesi: Ventilation, infusion og det nye monitorering fra Iradimed
Diagnosticering: Video-bronkoskopi
Præhospital/akut: ZOLL AED 3 hjertestarter, Intraossøs adgang, engangs-laryngoskoper 


Vi glæder os til at se dig til DASAIMs årsmøde i København på Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel.


Læs mere om


DMTS landsmøde

DMTS 2017

Vingsted Hotel & Konference Center 10. – 12. oktober 2017

Mød Medidyne ved dette års Dansk Medicoteknisk Selskabs. Morten og Gitte står klar til at præsentere dig for sidste nyt inden for:


  • Ventilation og aktiv befugtning
  • AED
  • MR-monitorering
  • Infusionspumper o.m.a


Du kan også prøve at give hjertemassage og stød.


Vi ser frem til en god og faglig snak.


Læs mere om Hamiltons respiratorer og fugter

Læs mere om AED

Læs mere om MR-monitorering

Læs mere om infusionspumper


New products from Teleflex

New products for acute and critical care

Medidyne is proud to present three new products for acute and critical care: FAST® Sternal Intraosseous Infusion System, T-POD™ Pelvic Stabilization devices and MAT™ Tourniquets.

FAST® Intraosseous Infusion System is a sternal intraosseous device developed for military and combat personnel, and emergency personnel. FAST® Sternal IO gives you the critical ability to quickly establish vascular access, and rapidly and easily deliver emergency fluids and medications into the vascular system through the bone marrow of the manubrium.


The T-POD™ Pelvic stabilization device is a specialized pelvic sling, developed to make the job of binding the pelvis more effective and easier to accomplish. It is the only pelvic sling to offer simultaneous circumferential compression, through its patented Mechanical Advantage pulley system.


The MAT™ Tourniquets can provide 100% blood flow occlusion in 30 seconds, and is designed to be quickly applied in the field to all limbs. MAT™ Tourniquets are based on the award-winning design, which was originally developed for the US Department of Defence.


Medidyne has signed an agreement with Teleflex, for exclusive distribution of the FAST® Sternal IO devices, T-POD™ Pelvic Stabilization devices and the MAT™ Tourniquets in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.


Read more about the new products here

Neonatalsymposium 2017

Neonatalsymposium 2017

Comwell, Rebild Bakker 21. – 23. september

Mød Medidyne på Neonatalsymposium, hvor du kan:


  • konfigurere din egen transportkuvøse
  • se på en intelligent fugter
  • høre løsninger til neo-børn i MR
  • og meget mere


Kig forbi vores stand, vi glæder os til at se dig. 


Læs mere om transportkuvøse

Læs mere om HAMILTON-MR1 respirator

Læs mere om HAMILTON-H900 fugter

EZ-IO Intraosseous and Airway Cadaver Program

Cadaver Program

Teleflex and Medidyne invites you to attend our Arrow® EZ-IO® Intraosseous and Airway Cadaver Program at Copenhagen University Panum 14th or 15th December 2017. 


An interactive and engaging workshop designed to empower practitioners with the knowledge, skills and confidence to use the Arrow® EZ-IO® Intraosseous Vascular Access System and Teleflex’s range of airway products. Each workshop is approximately 3 hours long with an opportunity to get hands on practice using human Cadaveric tissue.


SSAI 2017

SSAI 6-8 sept. 2017

Besøg vores stand i forbindelse med SSAI Kongressen i Malmø, hvor vi bl.a. viser vores nye og innovative respirator HAMILTON-C6.


Læs mere om HAMILTON-C6


Læs mere om SSAI


Introducing HAMILTON-C6

Hamilton Medical launches new high-end ventilator for critical care

With the new HAMILTON-C6, Hamilton Medical, expands its portfolio in the high-end ventilation segment and ushers in the next generation of intelligent and versatile ICU ventilators for all patient population.

The HAMILTON-C6 represents a new generation of high-end ventilators. The combination of modularity, ease of use, mobility, and advanced features allows clinicians to ensure an individualized, lung-protective ventilation therapy for all patient populations.


The HAMILTON-C6 continuous the tradition of its predecessors and comes packed with Intelligent Ventilation technologies. Apart from the advanced ventilation modes ASV® and INTELLiVENT®-ASV, the HAMILTON-C6 offers tools for lung assessment and recruitment maneuvers, continuous cuff pressure management, transpulmonary pressure measurement, state-of-the-art ventilation monitoring and an integrated humidifier control.

Keeping an eye on patient-ventilator synchrony

With this new ventilator, Hamilton Medical also introduces the brand new technology IntelliSync+. It was developed to avoid patient-ventilator asynchronies and their negative effects on patients. By continuously analyzing waveform shapes at least hundred times per second, IntelliSync+ detects patient efforts and cycling immediately, and initiates inspiration and expiration in real-time. This is achieved regardless of the ventilation mode and without additional hardware.

Slender, flexible, convenient

The HAMILTON-C6 comes equipped with a high-performance turbine with life-long warranty, providing a class-leading peak flow of 260 liters per minute. Together with a slender and easy maneuverable trolley and a 3 hour battery life, the HAMILTON-C6 thus can effortlessly accompany patients on transports within the hospital.



Læs mere om HAMILTON-C6 respirator

Cabix Indoor hjertestarterskab

Cabix Indoor

Medidyne er stolte af at præsentere det nye Cabix Indoor hjertestarterskab.


Cabix hjertestarterskabe er designet med henblik på at tilbyde mere end bare opbevaring. Cabix hjertestarterskabe er udviklet med vægt på synlighed, tilgængelighed og hurtig adgang – da hvert sekund tæller ved hjertestop. 


En hjertestarter skal altid være klar til brug – og et hjertestarterskab skal understøtte dette. Cabix arbejder kontinuerligt på at udvikle mere intelligente skabe, der gør det lettere at overvåge hjertestarteren. På den måde kan fejl ved hjertestarteren opdages i tide, og liv reddes. Samtidig minimeres den tid, der skal bruges på at holde øje med skab og hjertestarter.


Cabix hjertestarterskabe er udviklet i et moderne nordisk design, så det passer ind i forskelligartede miljøer.


Læs mere om Cabix Indoor hjertestarterskab

Holstebro Symposium 16 maj 2017

Holstebro Symposium

Medidyne deltager i år på 16. Holstebro Symposium om Intensiv Terapi & sygepleje
d. 16 maj 2017

Vi glæder os til at fremvise og demonstrere vores en lille del af vores mange produkter indenfor intensivområdet heriblandt vores anerkendte O2-MAX CPAP system, NIV masker, vores produkter til vaskulær adgang herunder EZ-IO til intraossøs adgang, LMA Mad Nasal til intranasal medicinadministration, samt den prisbelønnede venescanner fra AccuVein.


Kig forbi vores stand, vi glæder os til at se dig.


Læs mere om O2-MAX CPAP System

Læs mere om EZ-IO

Læs mere om Mad Nasal

Læs mere om AccuVein

Borger hjælper borger

Borger hjælper borger

Lørdag den 25. marts inviterede Region Nordjylland til spændende temadag “Borger hjælper borger” i Aalborg Kultur og Kongres Center.


Medidyne deltog – se artikel og video fra dagen her

Cabix hjertestarterskabe

Cabix hjertestarterskabe

Medidyne er glad for at præsentere de nye Cabix hjertestarterskabe, som er dansk producerede skabe i høj kvalitet til indendørs og udendørs opbevaring af en hjertestarter.


Læs mere om Cabix


Læs artikel om Cabix fra TV2 FYN


Videoklip fra TV2 FYN



Medidyne in LAHTI2017 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships. 

Medidyne Oy has been selected as a supplier of defibrillators in Lahti2017 FIS Nordic World Ski Champioships in Salpausselkä, Lahti 22.2. – 5.3.2017.


Medidyne Oy will supply ZOLL X Series, ZOLL AED Pro and ZOLL AED Plus devices for the medical organization of the championships to improve the safety of both the competing athletes and the audience.


The Centenary World Championships in Lahti is the biggest and most memorable event during Finland’s 100th anniversary. Over the 12 days more than 700 athletes from 60 different countries compete in 21 disciplines with each day culminating at the biggest après-ski of the world and the medal award ceremonies.


Welcome to a true once-in-a-lifetime experience to Lahti 22.2. – 5.3.2017!

Medidyne deltager på Intensiv Symposium 2017

Intensiv Symposium 2017

Medidyne deltager igen i år på Intensiv Symposium 2017 den 27.-28. januar på Hindsgavl Slot i Middelfart.


Vi glæder os til at fremvise og demonstrere vores mange produkter indenfor intensivområdet heriblandt vores intuitive Hamilton Medical respiratorer samt PDM systemet MetaVision, som anvendes på anæstesi-, opvågnings- og intensivafdelinger på Region Sjællands sygehuse.


Du får også mulighed for at se det anerkendte O2-MAX CPAP system. Samt vores produkter til vaskulær adgang herunder EZ-IO til intraossøs adgang samt den prisbelønnede venescanner fra AccuVein.


Kig forbi vores stand, vi glæder os til at se dig.

Jette, Tina, Gitte og Ole

Mega Electronics

Mega Elektronics

Medidyne has signed an agreement with Mega Elektronics Ltd, for exclusive distribution of their eMotion Faros Series and other products in Denmark.


The eMotion Faros devices are innovative tools for monitoring ECG, HRV (Heart Rate Variability), stress, recovery and general well-being. Lightweight (13 grams), smoothly designed and easy to use eMotion Faros is ideal for instant measurements and also for long-term follow-up.


Because of the lightweight design the device can be worn comfortably during everyday life, and even during sleep. Multiple patented mounting options offer the possibility to find the best and most suitable solution for each individual.


Read more about Mega’ products and the eMotion Faros Series

LMA Mad Nasal

LMA Mad® Nasal™

Medidyne has signed an agreement with Teleflex, for exclusive distribution of LMA MAD Nasal Intranasal Mucosal Atomization Device in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.


The LMA MAD Nasal Device is the safe and painless way to deliver medication with rapid absorption across mucosal membranes to your patient’s blood stream without an intravenous line.


Medidyne’s product range from Teleflex now includes Arrow EZ-IO Intraosseous Infusion System for vascular access and the LMA MAD Nasal Intranasal Mucosal Atomization Device.


New distributor of LMA Mad Nasal in Denmark (pdf)

Read more about LMA Mad Nasal

Eson Comfort

Eson TraumaTransfer boardMedidyne har indgået aftale med Eson Comfort, om eneforhandling af deres produkter i DK.

Eson Comfort producerer de bedste og sikreste helhedsløsninger til forflytning af traumepatienter. TraumaTransfer™ boardet er en opfindelse fra Landeryd.


I 1999 opfandt Anders Erlandsson, sammen med sine brødre, det prisbelønnede koncept TraumaTransfer™. Han vandt en opfinderpris for konceptet. Denne løsning er i dag en central og vigtig del af håndteringen af traumapatienter på de fleste af Skandinaviens akutmodtagelser. Det er den eneste originale løsning i sin gruppe på markedet.

Optimeret til CT – Enkel og sikker forflytning – Trykaflastende

TraumaTransfer™ er udviklet til sikker immobilisering og forflytning af traumepatienter og andre svært syge patienter. Der er lagt stor vægt på at optimere sikkerhed, funktion og brugervenlighed. TraumaTransfer™ findes både i voksen og børneversion til børn mellem 1-8 år. Div. Tilbehør til TraumaTransfer båren, såsom hovedstøtter, tæpper, stropper osv.


Læs mere om TraumaTransfer™ her

ITClamp – gold winner

ITClamp - gold winner

In October 2015, the iTClamp was updated to Version 2. On June 14, 2016 this version became a Gold Winner at the Medical Device Excellence Awards in New York City.


ITClamp version 2 comes with the following performance improvements:

  • Easier to handle. There is now a ratcheted locking mechanism that provides tactile feedback on closure, an improved grip, and large buttons that make removal much easier.
  • Almost no metal. Most of the metal components were replaced resulting in almost no scatter on CT.
  • Less weight and decreased package volume.
  • Needle protection in the closed position on removal from the package.
  • Fantastic response from end users on the updated features.


The iTClamp has been successfully used in US and European markets over the last 3 years.


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Nyhed ZOLL AED 3

AED 3 hjertestarter.ZOLL AED 3 hjertestarter


Nem at bruge. 

Nem at vedligeholde. 

Nem at eje.


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Ny håndledsblodtryksmåler

Microlife har netop lanceret deres nye blodtryksmåler Microlife Bp W1 Basic.

Microlife BP W1 Basic er et fuldautomatisk blodtryksapparat til brug på håndleddet med den nyeste teknologi og meget høj målenøjagtighed.


Microlife BP W1 Basic blodtryksmåler til brug på håndledet


Den indbyggede LED Positions indikator for korrekt placering af arm og apparat adskiller Microlife BP W1 Basic fra andre håndledsblodtryksmålere på markedet. For at sikre en præcis blodtryksmåling er det vigtigt, at armen er placeret i den rigtige højde og position. LED Positions indikatoren i Microlife BP W1 Basic hjælper med at placere armen med blodtryksmåleren i samme højde som hjertet for at sikre en præcis blodtryksmåling. 


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Hamilton Medical introducerer den første high-end intensiv respirator, der giver unik mulighed for sikker ventilation under transport fra de mindste patienter (200 g) op til voksne patienter



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Ny akuttaske til FIFA

Ny akuttaske til FIFA

FIFA præsenterer ny akuttaske med AED Plus hjertestarter.

Oddsene for at fodboldspillere over hele verden overlever et pludseligt hjertestop på banen, er steget betydeligt efter at FIFA har præsenteret den nye FIFA Medical Emergency Bag (FMEB), som vil blive udsendt til alle FIFA’s 209 medlemsorganisationer.


FIFA Medical Emergency Bag indeholder en ZOLL AED Plus hjertestarter, instruktionsvideo og et førstehjælpskit. Selve tasken, StatPacks G1 Quicklook AED, har et særdeles slidstærkt design, og samme model bruges i øjeblikket også af USA og den Sydafrikanske hær.


Både ZOLL AED Plus hjertestarter og StatPacks taske forhandles af Medidyne A/S.



ITClamp til standsning af blødninger. 

Medidyne introducerer ITClamp på det danske marked. ITClamp, er en lille klemme, der stopper kritiske blødninger på sekunder.


Den er:

  • Den er sikker
  • Den er effektiv
  • Den er let at anvende
  • Lille og let


ITClamp er produceret af Innovative Traume Care og har vundet en række priser innovationspriser.


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Medidyne bliver nordisk

Medidyne i Norden

Den 31. oktober 2012 registreredes Medidyne Oy, som er navnet på vores finske datterselskab.


Hermed kan vi nu hjælpe leverandører og kunder i alle de nordiske lande.

Det finske kontor ligger i Vaanta – tæt på Helsinki lufthavn.


Organisationen vil bestå af et team på fem personer, som har stor erfaring med vores produkter. Til at starte med vil vi i Finland repræsentere følgende leverandører: ZOLL, VidaCare, Nonin, StatPacks og AccuVein.

Vinder respiratorudbud

Region Sjælland vælger Hamilton Medical respiratorer

Medidyne ApS har vundet respiratorudbud i Region Sjælland. Aftalen omfatter levering af Hamilton Medical intensivrespiratorer og transportrespiratorer til alle regionens sygehuse.


Medidyne/Hamilton Medical scorede højest point i udbuddet højest på kvalitet, funktionalitet, brugervenlighed samt service, og blev derfor foretrukket som leverandør.


Aftaleperioden løber i 2 år med mulighed for forlængelse op til 8 år.

MetaVision til RS

PDM systemet MetaVision implementeres på Region Sjællands sygehuse

PDM systemmet MetaVision til Region Sjælland



Region Sjælland har på baggrund af en rammeaftale med Medidyne, indgået aftale om at udvikle og implementere PDM-systemet MetaVision fra iMDsoft® på regionens sygehuse.


I første omgang er systemet blevet implementeret på Køge Sygehus anæstesi-, opvågnings- og intensivafdelinger. De kan derfor som de første nu opleve kontinuerlige patientforløb for alle patienter som undergår et forløb på sygehusets anæstesiologiske afdeling, idet alle data som registreres på anæstesi, opvågning eller intensiv, vil være tilgængelige i forbindelse med patientens fortsatte forløb på de øvrige afdelinger.


Formålet med projektet er at sikre standardiseret, automatisk, valid og lettilgængelig dokumentation fra regionens anæstesi- og intensivafdelinger (voksen og neonatal).


I denne første fase af projektet er der etableret forbindelse til det eksisterende behandlings- og overvågningsudstyr, således at data derfra automatisk dokumenteres. Endvidere er der etableret forbindelse til bl.a. laboratoriesystem og regionens billedbroker (røntgenbilleder m.v). Yderligere snitflader af klinisk relevans, vil blive tilføjet løbende.


De automatiske data fra de forskellige interfaces kan kombineres  med data indført af brugerne og gør det muligt for MetaVision at levere protokolleret beslutningsstøtte og dermed fremme patientsikkerheden.


Derudover vil der blive frigjort mere tid til den direkte patientpleje, da de mange komplekse beregninger og registreringer som kræves i det moderne anæstesi- og intensivmiljø, ikke alene kan automatiseres af MetaVision, men udføres med en højere standard.


MetaVision er installeret på Region Sjællands datacenter i en løsning som sikrer en meget høj grad af tilgængelighed fra alle steder i regionen. Efterhånden som MetaVision bliver udrullet til regionens sygehuse, kommer den standardiserede løsning til at tilbyde kontinuerlige patientforløb uden datatab, ved overlevering mellem regionens anæstesiologiske og intensive afdelinger.


Installationen bliver den første af sin art i Danmark. Tilsvarende regionale løsninger er allerede implementeret i blandt andet Norge og Sverige.


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