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LMA MADgicTeleflex

To support smooth emergence from anesthesia, difficult and awake intubations

The LMA® MADgic® Laryngo-Tracheal Mucosal Atomization Device offers a versatile choice to administer medication across the entire upper airway and beyond the vocal cords. This helps to suppress the airway responses to emergence phenomena such as coughing or laryngospasm and reduce the cardiovascular responses. The malleable stylet enables precise, targeted delivery specific to patient’s anatomy.

Fordele ved LMA MADgic:

  • Consistent, fine atomized spray for direct coverage of nose, pharynx, larynx and trachea
  • Targeted Coverage – narrow, long, malleable stylet easily reaches vocal cords and conforms to patient anatomy to allow targeted deposition of medication
  • Adapts to any luer-lock syringe
  • Clinician chooses the medication and exact dose and volume (down to 0.1 mL)
  • Available in adult and pediatric sizes


Coverage, Comfort, Convenience

The MADgic Device allows for optimal coverage by enabling a gentle dispersion of atomized particles across a broad area of the airway mucosa.The malleable stylet allows for targeted delivery of medication to the deeper pharyngeal structures and to the glottis.


The MADgic Device provides enhanced patient comfort by allowing less stressful intubation and extubation6. It also helps to reduce the risk of patient injury by featuring a convenient narrow profile designed to comfortably fit through the vocal cords, into the nasal cavity, or down a supraglottic airway device.



The single-use MADgic Device enhances patient safety by helping to reduce the risk of cross-contamination while also helping to reduce the risk of toxicity by facilitating exact dosing.