Medidyne is the new distributor for ZOLL Circulation in the Nordics

ZOLL’s product portfolio of temperature management solutions is now distributed by Medidyne in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

ZOLL’s intravascular temperature management (IVTM) system helps effectively and safely control body temperature of critically ill and surgical patients. Managing body temperature and maintaining normothermia is key, as it helps to reduce the length of hospital stays, reduce costs, and improve patient outcome and comfort.

Expanding a 20-year long partnership

Medidyne is the new distributor of the effective ZOLL Circulation solutions in the Nordic region. For 20 years, Medidyne and ZOLL have been partnering in the field of public AEDs and professional defibrillators. About the extended partnership Knut Clem, CEO at Medidyne, says:

“Our collaboration with ZOLL dates to the very founding of Medidyne 20 years ago. The partnership is of great value to us, and therefore we are very happy to extend it with the IVTM portfolio. Like the products we know from ZOLL, the temperature management solutions live up to our expectations of quality and innovation.”

Targeted temperature management

ZOLL’s IVTM technology warms patients from the inside and out through an intravenous catheter. This method has several advantages in comparison to traditional, external temperature management.
The IVTM system consists of the Thermogard XP, which manages the temperature, and a series of heat exchange catheters, ICY, Cool Line, Quattro and Solex 7. Thermogard XP is highly efficient in reaching and maintaining the target temperature, quickly and accurately. The catheter family enables quick cooling or warming of patients with cool or warm saline circulating through the catheter in a closed loop.

As of April 1, 2023, Medidyne is the distributor of the ZOLL Circulation products Thermogard XP and catheters ICY, Cool Line, Quattro and Solex 7 in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. If you have any questions to the products, or existing or coming orders, use the contact info below to get in touch with your local support team.

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