AirBorne NxtGen – a transport incubator fitted to your exact needs

Medidyne now offers the innovative NxtGen transport incubator system in Denmark, Norway, and Finland. The custom-built incubators meet transport approval standards and help you strengthen patient and staff safety during the transport of newborns.

The AirBorne NxtGen system is the newest, innovative solution for transportation of infants from International Biomedical. The incubator system provides ergonomic and safe transportation for the smallest, most fragile patients. At the same time, the incubators support staff in their work with easy clinical access to patients, compact and customizable options, and safe transportation both on ground and in the air.

A safe transport incubator built to your needs

No two NxtGen solutions are the same. Every incubator is built to suit the specific needs of the personnel and department using them. In addition, NxtGen stands out as a safe option as it is crash tested and meets transport approval standards.

Nordic Business Unit Manager, Tina Harboe Otte, says:

“NxtGen transport incubators are of the highest quality both when it comes to safety and customization. Each customer gets their own, unique incubator solution tailored to their needs, which does not compromise on ergonomics, and which is built with patient and staff safety at the center. We are very pleased to offer these innovative incubator systems to our customers in Denmark, Norway, and Finland.”

Features and integrated equipment that support your workflow

The NxtGen transport incubators include features such as intelligent thermoregulation, integrated heated mattress and user interface with touch screen. There is a variety of options for equipment that can be built into NxtGen, e.g., different ventilators and monitors.

NxtGen is part of the AirBorne transport incubator series from International Biomedical. AirBorne incubators have been transporting infants for more than 45 years.