Medidyne is the exclusive distributor for Timpel Medical in the Nordics

Timpel Medical’s ENLIGHT 2100 shows the distribution of air in the lungs in real-time and enables clinicians to provide individualized, targeted, and timely ventilation for all patients. The innovative ventilation monitor is now distributed by Medidyne in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

The Brazilian company Timpel Medical has developed ENLIGHT 2100: A ventilation monitor that can be used together with your ventilator of choice to provide enhanced, precise insight into ventilation.

The monitor displays pulmonary performance in real-time with visualizations of the lungs and advanced ventilation parameters. ENLIGHT 2100 supports healthcare professionals in clinical decision-making, as it enables them to evaluate what specific ventilation settings works best for each patient. Tina Harboe Otte, Nordic Business Unit Manager at Medidyne says:

“Timpel Medical has created an impressive ventilation monitor that we are thrilled to be able to offer to customers across the Nordics. This is a unique solution that supports clinicians with insight and ultimately benefits each patient with tailored ventilation. Moreover, ENLIGHT 2100 is a perfect complement to our existing portfolio of intelligent ventilation solutions.”

Exclusive ENLIGHT 2100 features

ENLIGHT 2100 has a set of valuable features that provide detailed insight into ventilation. Among them are the PEEP titration tool and the asynchrony tool. The PEEP titration tool can perform a PEEP trial and measure compliance, overdistension and collapse, and guide the clinician on the best PEEP level for the individual patient. The asynchrony tool measures and visualizes double trigger and reverse trigger. These are two types of asynchronies between ventilator and patient that can be hard to identify, and which can worsen outcomes if they go unnoticed.

About EIT technology

ENLIGHT 2100 is built with electrical impedance tomography (EIT). It is a technology that uses low intensity electrical signals to measure impedance. Via electrodes on a belt placed around the patient’s chest, ENLIGHT 2100 measures impedance and creates images of the breathing lungs in real-time. The technology is non-invasive and radiation-free and can be used for all patients from neonatal to adult.

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